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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Nutritional magic

The Mediterranean diet has proven its efficiency over thousands of years, since the times of Ancient Greece, who spread the culture of Olive trees and Olive oil all over the Mediterranean.

Science keeps on discovering the benefits of this healthy and tasty approach to nutrition that can prevent up to 70-80% of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, high blood pressure, even helps with dementia. More and more people are now realizing the health benefit of olive oils, which Homer called “liquid gold.”

"Olive oil is widely recognized as one of the world’s healthiest oils. In fact, people tend to live longer and healthier living in regions where olive oil is a staple
part of the diet."

Katavolos `s superior quality extra virgin olive oils are produced from the finest olive groves, hand-harvested, pressed within hours, and loaded with antioxidants, Polyphenols and vitamin E. Behind each bottle is the passion of hardworking olive growers.


It’s been said that the Greeks invented the Mediterranean diet. They eat up to 750 grams of vegetables per day, while the average EU eat 250 grams per day. Most of the proteins in the Mediterranean diet come from seafood, legumes and locally seasonally grown fruit, vegetables, nuts, fermented cheese, and herbs. A diet with lots of fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties.

It is very important that the olive oil is Extra Virgin, and has a spicy, bitter, fruity taste with a robust flavor. All this flavor comes from polyphenols, the most important ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Polyphenols are organic antioxidant compounds that are found in colorful plants. EVOO contains over 200 different Polyphenols.


Incorporate olive oil into your diet?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the highest quality olive oil available,
extracted from the olive fruit without the use of any heat or chemicals. In the
shortest possible time from harvest to ensure all of the goodness, low acidity flavor and healthy ingredients are preserved.

Use it to soak a bite of wholegrain bread with olive oil. Pure it over a salad.

Steam some green, leafy vegetables and cover them in Olive oil. You will get even more of the polyphenols, making it even healthier.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help you feel fuller, helping you reduces calorie intake. Omega 3 fats in fish are heat sensitive. If you coat them in Extra Virgin Olive oil before baking, it protects the precious omega 3 fatty acids. Pour some Olive oil on top of food before serving and enjoy the heightened taste.

To get the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, its recommended to consume 30 to 50 ml per day. Greeks consume 70 ml per day.


Store your olive oil away from direct light and heat.

The bottle

Buy olive oil in a dark-colored glass bottle or stainless-steel containers. Never in a
clear glass bottle.

Like a fine wine

Once you open an olive bottle, use it within a few months, or pore the oil into a
smaller container. The moment you open a bottle of extra virgin olive oil,
oxygen starts flooding it, and the degradation process begins.

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