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On Corfu, the island of olive trees, where nature makes great things through the endless variations of blue and green, grows the company KATAVOLOS.



It is estimated that on the island of Corfu there are approximately 4,000,000 centuries-old olive trees, with a calculated age of more than 500 years. This olive oil is used in cooking, cosmetics, and medicine for its healing properties.

Olive oil, which Homer called

liquid gold

is a great feature of the Corfiot culture, playing a vital role in the life of locals.

The olive oil production on Corfu Island is famous all over the world for its

top-class quality.


"We wish to export top quality organic olive oil produced on Corfu, and to educate people about the health benefits of organic olive oil"


KATAVOLOS is collaborating with several small farmers on the island that are producing first class olive oil. We can guarantee the quality, by personally supervising the production process. The whole production from handpicking the olives to the olive press is organic. Our farmers have developed their own method of hand-harvesting.


They do not “shake” the trees or causes damage or small wounds to the branches. The olives fall into nets, which are slightly raised so that when they fall, they are not bruised on impact. This careful harvesting method treats nature’s generosity with respect, producing a low yield per tree of exceptionally high-quality olives.

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